Happy Hippopotamus understands clients want the content and functionality of their website to be dynamic and current, oh and without having to hire a programmer at $200 an hour to do it.

Our CMS are up to the latest standards and best practices in SEO (search engine optimization), tracking stats (analytics), administrative controls and content updates.

Create and maintain every aspect of your website anywhere in the world with an easy web-based admin.

View A Brief Description of Our of CMS Features

For your convenience we have created a brief list of CMS features we offer for more details on these features click on “CMS Services a Closer Look”

Site Administration

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  • Secure web accessible Admin to control and update every aspect of your site, without having to log into the server
  • Streamline and customize your admin panel by creating drop-down menus, hiding, renaming or moving any control
  • Admin dashboard completely customized using PHP, HTML, and widgets
  • Digital fingerprints to your RSS feeds so you can search the web to see if your content has been scraped
  • Download counter tracks the downloads of all your files
  • Approve or reject user-generated content to posting
  • Page link manager allows you to easily rearrange, hide, and move pages
  • Redirect any URL to another
  • Site throttle to monitor your bandwidth and limit non-essential items during heavy load times to help performance
  • Add rotating banner and text ads
  • Optimize, back up, restore and delete your database at anytime
  • Control level of access for each person with an admin login
  • Define “Subscriber Only” sections of your website
  • Accept subscription fees with Paypal, one time or recurring
  • Create mailing lists to which users can subscribe/unsubscribe
  • One click upgrades for all the software your site uses
  • Side scroll box for frequently used code snippets
  • Ban specific users from commenting
  • Image gallery in your control panel
  • Note taking capability in admin with use of “post-it” notes
  • Edit tags (delete, rename, replace) or convert them to categories
  • Strip pages for easy reading on PDA’s

Content Control

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  • Allow user ratings for various content
  • Display page rankings and user ratings on your site
  • Spell checker and previewing tools for writing blog and page content
  • Display or connect to Google Maps
  • Numerous antispam controls and measures
  • Disable “nofollow” attributes added to users’ external links
  • Have avatars and emoticons for contributors
  • Curse word filters for contributors
  • Allow “whisper” comments and messaging, visible to Admin or other specified registered users
  • Allow visitors to share content with many social bookmarking sites, via email, IM, Facebook, MySpace etc
  • Organize posts and any other user content
  • Tagging field with drop-down menus and related tags, Tags get added to meta keywords

Mutlimedia Content

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  • Upload or import images to create albums and galleries, with tools for cropping, resizing and rotating, with various options for layout and transitions
  • Players for various types of media formats and files, program a menu of media content
  • Customize a multimedia gallery with content on your server
  • Customize a multimedia gallery with content embedded or linked to your site, with thumbnails
  • Display YouTube gallery, embed all or part of YouTube videos on customized players, including high-resolution video
  • Insert flash files in .swf format into posts
  • Write headers and subheaders in your company’s custom font
  • Create and upload podcasts to your site, with support for separate categories and preview what it will look like on iTunes
  • Content to social networking
  • Set up repeating templates for your content and add advertising easily
  • Add customizable polls
  • Display a RSS feed or Twitter on your site
  • E-commerce on any page or sidebar of your website


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  • Discover how people find your site and how they navigate through it
  • Parse trends by time of day, day of week, region of country, keywords
  • Have details of your site in context that you can use for advertisers and contributors
  • Create and share customizable report summarizes, export data in a variety of formats
  • Track page loads, search terms used on incoming links, page ranks
  • Track your logins, deleted users, last passwords, invalid usernames
  • Send and schedule personalized report emails
  • Export data in a variety of formats tailoring the stats you are most interested in
  • Average page views, time on site, multiple and new visits
  • Ad word analytics and landing page optimization

Search Engine Optimization

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  • 100% Search Engine Friendly
  • Track incoming links to your site
  • Google Site Map
  • URL Rewrites give full control of URL’s
  • Direct landing pages from search engines to your site
  • Add metadata and keywords to content you update or generate for search engines
  • Auto-generated Site Map for display on site
  • Auto-generated popular search terms page