Who We Are?

We’re A Digital Agency.

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fun to work with

We take great pride in providing only the highest quality workmanship with the latest technologies and most current standards of web development. In partnership with our clients, we focus on creating targeted and compelling user experiences that drive sales and traffic, and wherever possible, promote positive social change.

At the end of the day, it’s important to have a digital agency that understands your business needs and one you can enjoy working with. Our goal is to make sure you not only get a great website or digital service but have an awesome time working on it as well. Hippos are simply more fun!

Curious About Our hippos?

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a visionary family of hippos.

HappyHippopotam.us is a family-owned business providing full web development and digital services. We work both with established agencies and directly with clients on projects of various sizes and supporting various roles. While development is the heart of our services, we also offer design and concept on the front end, SEO, social media, analytics, branding, marketing, support on the backend, and much more. Everything and anything you need to create a strong online presence for your business. 

Our work is always structured to client needs. We are comfortable doing new sites, soft redesigns, hard designs, maintenance, and additional development and optimizations of existing sites. We have long relationships with our clients, per whatever support they require.

HappyHippopotam.us will always explain cost-benefit options and offer recommendations. We strive for our clients to be as informed and empowered as possible, comfortable with their CMS (content management system) and web-based workflows. 

Happy Hippopotam.us collaborates with a team of web developers, web and graphic designers, project managers, social media specialists, content creators, branding and marketing consultants who work focusing on the clients’ needs and their satisfaction. The team loves what they do and who they work with. Our practice balances creative thinking and doing, allowing us to recommend strategic development and realize impactful websites.


Forward Thinking Clients.

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Even though the word “hippopotamus” means “river horse” in Greek, scientists have discovered that the hippo is more closely related to the whale.