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We are a premium provider of web development, design, e-commerce services, hosting, and social media for businesses. We are constantly looking for new ways to inject your company’s own personality into the crowded marketplace filled with boring work. From our stunning websites to our “birdie” creative ways to drive traffic into your business via SEO, social media and many others, the hippos always find ideas to make things happen.

We don’t just build great looking websites but also have the know-how to drive traffic to your site. Our digital  team are experts in SEO and social media to help you get qualified leads all day, everyday. Looking for a digital agency that can help drive your business forward? Discover why we are the right hippos to help you get there.

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hippos develop

beautifully handcrafted websites.

Our talented hippos have been designing, developing, and maintaining  clean, beautiful, optimized, mobile responsive and seo friendly websites for many companies across the globe. CSS-compatible designs allow you to change styling of your website. 

What makes Happy Hippopotam.us different is that we use our experience in the digital world into our projects to deliver not only  awesome looking websites but websites that delivers results for our clients. 

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good code is better.

We love creating beautiful websites but we love even more when Good code loads faster, debugs faster, is adaptable and saves you time. We will save you man-hours when you need to change, add or modify content, design and features.

hippos make

super searchable websites.

We love creating beautiful websites but we love even more when we can drive loads of traffic to your business. We want to give your company that added advantage by getting ranked on search engines like Google and Bing, and let your customers find you easily. Just before we complete each project, the hippos SEO team will get to work on making your website super SEO friendly and optimized so that your website gets ranked on search engines easily.

SEO is no longer a nice thing to have, it is a MUST have for any business. Imagine waking up with customers contacting you for your products or services, all day, everyday. We know how that feels like and it is amazing.

hippos Create awesome

brand identities.

We realize that branding is something made up of multiple facets. Ideas can arrive in a flash, the thing is to develop these ideas in effective optical communication which advance your companies exposure and profitability.

Brand Identity is the visual image people associates with your company and constitutes the cornerstone of your website’s design and marketing. Both digitally or physically, the hippos work on your logos, brochures, catalogues, powerpoint slides and every branding touchpoint imaginable. It is the most cost-effective investment you can make with Happy Hippopotamus!

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Social media engagement with “hoomans” are our specialty and building a brand presence is just one of few tricks that the hippos have learned over the years working on social media accounts.

Social media platforms aren’t just for socializing anymore. It’s an awesome way to let your customers to know what your brand is all about, from your mission to your brand values. Let your brand personality shine through and connect more with your fans. It’s time to be who you are.

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video content.

We work with some of the best producers out there to create video content using their awesome talent. Our goal is to help your brand and business to get video content that is not only entertaining but engaging and impactful as well.

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